We work for the defense of basic and essential rights of people

About Us

We build sustainable strategies with families toward the development of their abilities so that a better well-being for everyone is achieved.

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Our Lines of Action

We implement educational and improvement spaces inside communities with  greater vulnerability, allowing them to build safer spaces for children and their families.Participatory and inclusive strategies are combined, in which families participate in transforming moments being supported by professionals who provide the necessary technical support in risky situations.

50 Pronoeis (Non-Escolarized Elementary Education Program) receive accompaniment

Education is one the most important axes for the development of people. In response, it’s important to offer innovative and comprehensive strategies for children and youngsters that allow not only their educational development, but also good health, security, emotional stability and recreational spaces. Our educational strategies contribute to the achievement of dreams, studies attainment and a healthy-life-construction.

22,149 children and adolescents participate in our programs

Families that live in remote spaces usually have many barriers to enforce their citizenship rights such as the right to identity or access to a lawyer in a legal process. For them we implement and replicate strategies by which we get closer to them and break the barriers that generate exclusion and give solution to different predicaments.

16,571 people get their DNI (peruvian ID)

Nowadays, adolescent motherhood is a challenge for our country to assure the compliance of mothers’, fathers’ and children’s rights. Our strategies promote the identification of cases within a community, the accompaniment and necessary emotional support for families’ reintegration. Likewise, our professionals’ network build with these families future plans that allow them to finish secondary school, start studying a career or develop their entrepreneurship.

more than 3000 families have access to their right to health

Many young people have neither the time nor the resources necessary to persue an universitary or technical degree, but they do have the desire. Our strategy seeks to get young people with high potential but living in a vulnerable situation. We give them a second educational opportunity, training them in works with a high demand in a reduced amount of time. Likewise, thanks to institutional networks and our professional team, we have an employment opportunities list with a 100% success in the development of entrepreneurships.

97% of the young people were placed in working positions.

Developing communities assure their prosperity by understanding that being healthy is very important. To achieve this, our Medical Attention Center offers professional spaces of quality medical attention for the communities in San Juan de Lurigancho. Our strategies focus on the patient, their environment and day-to-day challenges. That’s why our team has 3 main activities: listen to understand, look after to cure and provide solutions so that it doesn’t happen again.


1,146,303 Pediatric Consultations


To guarantee health it is important to apply comprehensive prevention strategies. In our laboratory we implement collective development spaces for families that wish to foster their children’s development, the construction of solid family links and first quality nutrition that assures their growth. We focus on the child and we assure that their families apply what has been learned in the program’s homes.

271 058 checkups of Growth and Collective Development

Our organization, thanks to its experience in social work offers to the public products of all sorts. The earnings help support our programs. In that way, we host trainings and workshops for people that want to learn from our work. Likewise, our enterprise develops along with our users first quality products. This allows us to assure a constant job market.

More than 500 promoters have received training in early childhood

What do you think about us?

When my baby was born we went to TANI. There we heard about PROFORTEC. I had gone to other places but I couldn’t find opportunities to study… In PROFORTEC they gave me a lot of support.


: I love what we do in TANI, I like the support we give to the community, I think that’s my human side… That’s what has kept me working here for 13 years.

Mary Camargo

Being a mother at age 16 changed my life. At first I was very afraid, but the promoters of the Red Mami program gave me the confidence and support I needed during and after my pregnancy.


Since I got to TANI I’ve been supported and I learned a lot from them. In one month and a half I did many projects and found a job. Little by little I’ve been buying my equipment and I’m planning to open my very own workshop soon.

  • 30,000

    families benefited annually

  • 1MM

    More than one million health consultations

  • 40 years

    of uninterrupted work