About Us

We are a big-hearted family that helps more families through projects that makes them gain confidence on themselves and their own skills and that attend predicaments collectively and comprehensively. In the end, these projects promote a general wel-being.

All have equal right to physical and emotional

Our team

TANI’s family is becoming bigger as days go by in order to reach more families in San Juan de Lurigancho. Each work area is formed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals that do their best for our users. The values that define each and every member of our family is respect, commitment and responsibility.

What do you think about us?

When my baby was born we went to TANI. There we heard about PROFORTEC. I had gone to other places but I couldn’t find opportunities to study… In PROFORTEC they gave me a lot of support.


: I love what we do in TANI, I like the support we give to the community, I think that’s my human side… That’s what has kept me working here for 13 years.

Mary Camargo

Being a mother at age 16 changed my life. At first I was very afraid, but the promoters of the Red Mami program gave me the confidence and support I needed during and after my pregnancy.


Since I got to TANI I’ve been supported and I learned a lot from them. In one month and a half I did many projects and found a job. Little by little I’ve been buying my equipment and I’m planning to open my very own workshop soon.